Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 3: Manners

Since Thanksgiving is next week's topic, I thought it might be nice to emphasize saying "Thank You" and other such niceties the week before.

So this week, we will be studying manners and all aspects relating to it.

I really enjoyed last weeks topic of weather. There are sooo many great websites out there on the topic. We are still reading some books that were delayed from the library, so I will let you know which ones we liked best at the end of this week.



Being a pig is nice : a child's-eye view of manners by Lloyd-Jones, Sally

Do unto otters : a book about manners by Keller, Laurie

Are you quite polite? : silly dilly manners songs by Katz, Alan.

Emily's Everyday Manners by Post, Peggy

Please Say Please! A Penguin's Guide to Manners by Cuyler, Margery

The Berenstain Bears forget their manners by Berenstain, Stan

This little piggy's book of manners by Allen, Kathryn Madeline

Big Black Bear by Yee, Wong Herbert

Froggy Eats Out by London, Jonathan

Pass the Peas Please (A Book of Manners) by Dina Anastasio


The Berenstain Bears. Bears mind their manners [videorecording (DVD)]

Crafts & Activities:

I am going to have a tea party. We'll use her play tea set and make tea finger sandwiches. We'll practice using our etiquette as we enjoy ourselves on the floor with a blanket, some tea and some sandwiches. I am also going to make these below...not so much for the child to do though, just thought they would be fun to use.

I will also be teaching Lily how to do an invitation. She can work on her numbers, writing her name and her friend's name too.
Tea Party Invitation PDF

Lily enjoyed tracing her name where I wrote

Manner Napkins- Using Fabric Markers, write polite actions while at the table- ie"use your napkin", "chew with your mouth closed" etc.
Lily practiced setting the table
Lily was so proud of her table!

Tea Party Poem to make your own invitation.

Her guest finally arrived! Yay!
The girls had a great time and did not want
the mommies anywhere around!
Go figure:)

Oh, Before I Eat My Meals
Sung to: "
If You're Happy and You Know it"

Oh, before I eat my meals, I wash my hands,
(scrub, scrub)
Oh, before I eat my meals, I wash my hands,
(scrub, scrub)
Oh, it's very smart I think,
Sends those germs right down the sink.

Oh, before I eat my meals, I wash my hands.
(scrub, scrub)

Oh, before I eat my meals, I set my place,
(set, set)
Oh, before I eat my meals, I set my place,

(set, set)
I set everything I need,

I feel very proud, indeed.
Oh, before I eat my meals, I set my place.
(set, set)

Oh, before I eat my meals, I pass the food,
(pass the plate)

Oh, before I eat my meals, I pass the food,
(pass the plate)
'Cause we know it's only fair
For us all to have our share
Oh, before I eat my meals, I pass the food.


Sung to: "Twinkle twinkle tune"

We say, "Thank you. We say, "Please."
We don't interrupt, We don't tease.
We don't argue. We don't fuss.
We listen when folks talk to us.
We share our toys, we take our turn
Good manners are easy for us to learn.

This one I'll definitely use all the time!
Reminder Rhyme

Only one can talk at a time,
So this is what I'll do:
I'll listen like a little mouse
'Til other folks are through.

Snacks- All for the Tea Party
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches- Cut in the shape of stars...Lily's Request

Mini french bread (sliced 1/4")
1 Pkg. Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix
3 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 c. mayonnaise
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Sliced cucumbers

Mix the dressing mix, cream cheese, mayonaise, and lemon juice. Spread on bread. Top with a slice of cucumber.

Makes several sandwiches depending on the size bread you use and how generous you spread the cheese mixture

We used angels to cut out the sandwiches.

To accomodate her friend, we added plain cucumbers...

Vanilla Milk Tea

1 cup milk
2 tsp. vanilla extract
4 tsp. decaf black or 4 tea bags
1 quart boiling water

The last thing we will do is create our own frame- able manner words to go in the dining room.

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