Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 22: Where We Live! Florida

Our last lesson on Butterflies is actually still going on.
We just received our caterpillars and they are sitting
in our dining room in their jar eating
until they get big enough to do,
get out of that jar.
(We are so excited to watch this whole process but boy,
does it take a long time!)
Updated Pictures to follow.

Our library is teaching about the Continents this summer.
I was thinking that it would be great
to do some sort of geography with the girls.
I also thought how important it is to teach
them about where they live....
hence, our lovely state of Florida.
We will also be memorizing our town,
and trying to memorize our address.

Sidenote: Lily has been reciting her phone number for a while now...
It is about 4 digits less than a real phone number.
Perhaps that is the next topic....our phone number!

As I am thinking about this topic of Florida,
I am realizing that there are so many things to talk about!
We will focus on where it is located on a map of the US,
what types of animals are 'indigenous' here,
and special facts about our state.
I also found that there are a ton of fictional children's books
that are based upon Florida which is what you will find in the list below.
I love to read books that are based on our topic
and not just informational books too.

The secret river by Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, 1896-1953.

Felina's new home : a Florida panther story by Wlodarski, Loran.

The last egret : the adventures of Charlie Pierce by Oyer, Harvey E.

Duck, duck, moose by Horowitz, Dave, 1970-

Florida manatee by Spilsbury, Louise.

Roy makes a car by Lyons, Mary E.

Florida A to Z by Ryan, Susan Jane.

How to draw Florida's sights and symbols by Quasha, Jennifer.

S is for sunshine : a Florida alphabet by Crane, Carol, 1933-

Django by Cech, John.

Crafts and Activities:

1) We have been going for a while to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary which is has almost every native Florida animal you can think of. We will definitely be visiting this week to learn about native Floridian animals.

2) Artists Helping Children has a ton of Alligator/Crocodile Crafts

3) We'll be going to the Daggerwing Nature Center to learn about Florida!

Daggerwing Nature Center Slideshow

FYI- The Swanee River is the Official State Song of Florida!

The Swanee River
(Old Folks at Home)
Written by Stephen C. Foster

Way down upon de Swanee Ribber,
Far, far away,
Dere's wha my heart is turning ebber,
Dere's wha de old folks stay.
All up and down de whole creation
Sadly I roam,
Still longing for de old plantation,
And for de old folks at home.


All de world am sad and dreary,
Eb-rywhere I roam;
Oh, darkeys, how my heart grows weary,
Far from de old folks at home!

2nd verse

All round de little farm I wandered
When I was young,
Den many happy days I squandered,
Many de songs I sung.
When I was playing wid my brudder
Happy was I;
Oh, take me to my kind old mudder!
Dere let me live and die.

3rd Verse

One little hut among de bushes,
One dat I love
Still sadly to my memory rushes,
No matter where I rove.
When will I see de bees a-humming
All round de comb?
When will I hear de banjo strumming,
Down in my good old home?

Thought we could try a few recipes out of here for dinner!

CoverThe flavors of the Florida Keys by Gassenheimer, Linda.

Here is a site that has Florida Seminole Tribe recipes