Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 10: Baking!

I think since Lily has started talking, (maybe even before),
she has wanted to help me in the kitchen...
since I am a very 'impatient' person,
I have always said no,
and kindly directed her towards her play kitchen....
During this time, I would always say,

"When you are 3, you can help me."

Lily is 3.

So, I am going to do a lesson on baking!
We are going to bake bread.
Last week we baked bread,
but I only let her pour the flour in and do a little kneading.
This time, she will bake the entire loaf herself!

I am also going to talk about the importance of eating healthy. I will give her different options of things she could eat and see if she can guess the healthy one.


Books- Fiction

If You Give a Moose A Muffin by Laure Numeroff

This Little Bunny Can Bake by Janet Stein

Who made this cake? by Nakagawa, Chihiro

The story of Cherry the pig by Yamada, Utako

Five little monkeys bake a birthday cake by Christelow, Eileen.

Eight animals bake a cake byElya, Susan Middleton

Blue Bowl Down by C Millen- About Breadmaking

Froggy Bakes a Cake by Jonathan London

Cook-a-doodle-doo! by Stevens, Janet.

Books: Baking and Cooking with Kids

Baking with Kids by Linda Collister- Side Note: This is one of my favorite Cookbooks

Kids' baking : 60 delicious recipes for children to make by Lewis, Sara.

Bake it up! : desserts, breads, entire meals & more by
Dunnington, Rose

Baking Kids Love by Sur La Table and Cindy Mushet

Crafts and Activities:

Obviously we will be baking is the recipe I will be using. I have made this bread before and it is by far the easiest to work and be edible..

Amish White Bread-
Here is how it all went down for us....
Inquiring little eyes want to know... how does yeast become active?

Now for the "Mommy, I can do it....pictorial"

And she did!

She even kneaded the dough! Possibly her favorite part!

Let it Rise!

The Finished ProductNot too bad for her first time!

Family Fun has some recipes for you to make with your children too.

I REALLY want to get this book, they don't have it at my library, but I think I might purchase it from Amazon. It also contains poems and stories about baking bread with children.

Baking Bread with Children by Warren Lee Cohen

Here are some baking coloring pages from DLTK.

I would also like to do a baking sequence recipe game. This would be where I would cut out pictures of someone baking a cake, ie- mixing, baking, eating...etc. I would like her to put them in sequence order.

I also want to show Lily how to properly measure using liquid measuring cups and dry measuring cups. We will probably practice with water and flour.


Buns in the Bakery Shop

"Six brown buns in the bakery shop,

six brown buns with the sugar on the top.

Along came ____ (name a child) with a penny to pay

she took one bun and he/she ran away."

(Next time around you'd sing it with five brown buns and name the next child.

Keep going until you are at none)

Pat-A Cake

Pat a cake, pat a cake

bakers man

bake me a cake as fast as you can

pat it and roll it and mark it with an L

and put it in the oven for Lily and me!


Of course we will eat our fresh oven baked bread!


Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

I love that you include all the elements of teaching to drive home the lesson - If you are interested in guest blogging - in Feb or March - let me know. I have an email contact link on my blog. Wish I had this much energy when my girls were 3 years old! Great job!!! -Kerry

Amy said...

Hope you don't mind, but I chose to follow this blog from Follow me Friday....I am a homeschool mom, and I have a preschooler who would absolutely love your ideas! :)

Jo Whitton said...

I'm enjoying your blog - you have some great ideas! Have you seen the Jamie Oliver clip about how important it is to teach the next generation to cook? I put it on my blog post about teaching kids to cook last week - ( it's pretty sad to see families that don't cook, and live on junk food... I also included some ideas for starting to teach kids to cook that have worked for me.

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