Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 6- Sonlight, Moses and Missionaries!

Moses in a Basket Handprint Craft
We had a great first FULL week of school without any illnesses and special events to focus on! If you are interested in the activities I do that are additional to Sonlight, you can follow my Pinterest Boards where I have separate Sonlight Core A pins for 5 weeks at a time.  This week's projects are here.  The first five weeks of Sonlight Core A can be found on this board.

Some of the highlights of our week were:
  •  Continuing with our All About Reading lessons and filling in our stars on our Progress Chart, 
  • Skip counting by 5's in Math-U-See, 
  • Learning about the early life of Moses and doing the Moses in a Basket Craft
  • Flipping eggs with sight words on the back,
  • Reading Surprise Island- the second book in the Boxcar series,
  • Learning about St. Patrick, St. Augustine and Boniface as missionaries,
  •  And last but not least, Lily got her part in our homeschool co-op's Christmas Play! She will be Cindy of the toys in the story. She has about 9 lines and can't wait to practice them and go to her practice every Tuesday afternoon. 

All About Reading Progress Chart

We loved watching this funny cartoon from Veggie Tales about the story of St. really helped the kids to remember who he was. 

Sight Words- Egg Flip Practice

This upcoming week, we will be exploring the 10 Commandments, Medieval Times
(going to try a Lapbook), Starting Here's a Penny, telling time, and more All About Reading Lessons! For the future, I am scheduling a field trip to go to the Medieval Faire near us called Camelot Days, in November!  Should be a fun week!



Shelley said...

i love your blog! i just found it and it is sooo helpful! i am using this same curriculum with my 5 year old son and am ALWAYS looking for hands-on activities for him to make school fun and interesting. i so look forward to your future posts! thanks again!

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