Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 4- Sonlight, Joseph, and Madeline

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

I almost cringe as I write this, but our family is still in the throws of sickness. This is a record for our family...three solid weeks of one or many of us being sick. My husband and I are just now getting over the flu and now the baby has it.

Nevertheless, we pushed through and did accomplish most of what was on my lesson plans sheet!

I wanted to talk about a few changes that I made with the Sonlight Bible Curriculum for Core A. The daily reading was getting a little monotonous and Lily wasn't seeming too interested in what she was hearing. I want to make the Bible come alive to her, and mean something to her. So I decided to examine what stories were suggested for the week and then do a 'character' study on the main people in the stories. So this week, I decided to focus on Joseph from The Old Testament. We did a fun 'Coat' Craft shown above from Challah Crumbs, and the girls (even my 4 year old) actually absorbed the information which I am thrilled about!

Lily really enjoyed transforming her name into Hieroglyphics using This was a great site that allowed us to dig deeper into the early Egyptian Civilization. We really love the Usborne Book Living Long Ago that comes with the Sonlight Curriculum. Lily enjoys the small excerpts that explain about food and travel.

We also 1/2 Rowed the FIAR book Madeline , and the girls had a grand old time trying to make the Eiffel Tower out of vanilla wafers and marshmallow fluff. I would call my attempt a 'Tower FAIL'. When I went to nurse the baby, I came out and found an entirely different type of Landmark of the mess variety...I'll post more about our FIAR Madeline experience a little later this week when we finish! But for now, enjoy the picture of the mess I found when I came out of the baby's room...
The sticky marshmallowy mess on my dining room table

 We are moving along with our Math and All About Reading. Lily is definitely beyond what we are going through right now, but I just want to make sure she knows all the basics before moving on. 

This coming week we will be taking a look at the Vikings, and doing a few fun things with that, along with studying Job. Should be a great week!!



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