Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 1- Sonlight and Cavemen

We just completed Week 1 or Core A from Sonlight and  I am only just now starting to catch a glimpse of how I can incorporate fun things that I know my kids will enjoy into the curriculum. Don't get me wrong, I think the base curriculum from Sonlight is awesome, my girls are just a little more 'craft' oriented and can tend to get bored just reading out of books and not using their hands.

We read through the first parts of the Bible which included Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, Abraham and The Tower of Babel...pretty cool stuff. Sonlight incorporates dinosaurs into this week, and I wanted to expand on this a little more but given that it is our first week homeschooling and we were attempting to find a new rhythm, I chose to let it go for now.

In addition, this week we also learned about the Cavemen! We discussed how different things were back then...the girls were pretty amazed!

We learned all of the different skills that they had to aquire in order to live a better life at that time. I explained how there was no electricity, no washer and dryer, not even homes! My oldest couldn't believe that they lived in caves. One of the skills they used often was weaving. I decided this was a great first 'Hands On' learning experience. I think I am going to call anything that I add on that involves a craft or activity will be called 'Hands On'.

Here's how we did it:

First we gathered sticks, and palm fronds, and I cut up yarn into 2' lengths'

Then we attached the yarn to both sticks to create a loom
This was a great activity in increasing dexterity as well!

 Then we started the weaving process,
' in-out-in-out', 'front-back-front-back...'
great way to teach opposites! 
Make sure to start your weaving at the bottom because you will build going up!
Getting closer to the top, the pattern really starts to show!! 

Lily's finished product!

 She was so proud! We attached yarn at the top to hang their creations on the back patio...beautiful!

I am also going to continue teaching about Cavemen and early civilization by painting with berries, crushing them and making our own 'paint', as well as making our own 'coracle' boat as suggested in Sonlight. My kids thrive on hands on activities, so I am going to try to incorporate as much as I can!

 We also ROWED the book, 'The Story About Ping' which allowed us to look a little deeper into China using Confessions of a Homeschooler's curriculum called Expedition Earth,  and it allowed us to delve into the culture...there are also many wonderful teaching tools in the FIVE IN A ROW Curriculum which we will be using often.



LEENA7 said...

Your kids are wonderful, and I know they are retaining so much more by doing hands on things, I was wondering, have you ever considered doing lapbooks? They have lots of hands on activites, many are free now, and if you don't like using a ffolder, you can get a folder or thin 4 ring binder . use cardstock and just put various mini books on each page.

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