Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 18: What time is it? Telling Time & Clocks

I knew it was time to teach Lily how to read a clock...even a digital one when I asked her to tell
me what time the clock read on the oven:
Lily: "Mom, its one-one-four-eight."
Me: "You mean its 11:48?"
Lily: "I don't know."

It's that easy folks...
find an area that needs work,
and focus on it...
so here we go....
this should be interesting...


CoverThe clock struck one : a time-telling tale by Harris, Trudy.

CoverBunny day : telling time from breakfast to bedtime by Walton, Rick.

CoverTelling time : how to tell time on digital and analog clocks! by Older, Jules.
CoverMy grandmother's clock by McCaughrean, Geraldine.

CoverTick tock tales : stories to read around the clock by Mahy, Margaret.

CoverTime to tell time by Scott, Janine.
The Berenstain Bears catch the bus : a tell the time story by Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.

Key Learning Points & Concepts:

1. Lily can count from 1-100 very easily, but I'm not so sure she can recognize those numbers. So the first thing I am going to do is make a counting chart and point to numbers to see if she knows them by sight.

2. The next thing she needs to learn is to count by 5's and 10' least up to 60.

3. Learn about the parts of an analog clock... The short hand, the long hand...the numbers etc.

4. Talk about minutes, hours and seconds.

5. Teach her how to read a digital clock- ie- 1:30 is one-thirty...not one- three-zero :)

(I think this is about all we can handle for now without having her get either really confused or really bored...or me really crazy)

Crafts and Activities:

~ Pull out a number chart and count to 100...then color in the number that I call out. (This number chart can be found here.)
~ Count by 5's and 10's...I realized I can use the chart above again, color in numbers to be counted, and learn them that way....or, we could all dance to this awesome video!

~ We'll make our own go with the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock..
You can find the clock craft over at DLTK (great resource site!)mouse clock craft

~ We'll play digital clock bingo. I found a clock bingo game at the dollar store, but you can print out some from the internet here.

~ Found this great interactive site called Time Monsters. Great way to practice computer skills and learn how to tell time! (Note: This might be a little over her head, so we'll have to try it and see.)

This site has great songs and videos...I think we'll just have fun with them!

I think I'm going to make chocolate chip pancakes.... and have really big pancakes with 12 chocolate chips for the different numbers. Then, Lily can pour the syrup in lines to make the short hand and the long hand... we'll see how this goes. Kind of a long shot..but I really like chocolate chip pancakes, so it seems like a win/win for me!

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melismama said...

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Layton Family Joy said...

you had me at chocolate chip pancakes!! What a bunch of GREAT resources - so much fun! Great job !!

thanks for linking up to The HSV

Jennifer said...

I'm working on many of the same things in math with my five-year-old. I love the idea of chocolate chip pancakes too!


Rachel Marie said...

I love all your ideas and totally wish I had the time to do these things with my littles!!! Not sure how, but I'm going to atleast try to fit some of the activities in along with all my regular kindergarten, and 2nd and 3rd graders stuff!!

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